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  Are you ready to reach your full potential?

Elizabeth Grambsch, M.A.
Crescendo Learning Center, LLC
"Fulfill your potential with personalized Performance Coaching"

Performing Artists

Combining decades of  performing arts education with applied neuroscience, this is an outside the box approach to mastering performance anxiety, overcoming a bad habit, healing through creative self-expression or consistently finding your performance flow. 


With a background in parent education, birth and family education and child development, this is a playful approach to creating family life that works for everyone and a great support to parents who want to optimize their baby's early development, strategize on building health and wellness habits and guidance for implementing learning and therapeutic home programs. 


With a deep knowledge of neuroscience and  sound, this is for health and wellness practitioners who want take their work to another level both in personal development and in specialized consult for challenging cases. 


If you had hopes of living Side A of your life's greatest hits but instead your life has taken such a big turn you find yourself on Side B, this is for you to learn to climb that mountain of change to a new perspective and find your new voice.  

Appointments are virtual 

Please  contact me directly for appointments or questions.



10th Annual International Sound Healing Conference

November 2021

8th Annual International Sound Healing Conference

September 21-23rd, 2019


Wonderlust Productions

In my Heart: Adoption Play Project

Capitol Play Project

The Incarceration Project


Beyond Words Mentorship Program for Practitioners

Taking interviews for Fall 2019


Gateway Women: Online Bee 2020

Listen. Play. Grow.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth has been teaching, coaching, consulting, presenting and performing for 30 years. Her education, training and experience is extensive and she is passionate about helping people improve their lives using applied neuroscience in an engaging and playful way. She has worked with families, babies, children, parents, teachers, practitioners, professionals, athletes and performing artists in many different settings and programs.  She has consulted with and presented for a variety of organizations on using sound and movement based neurodevelopmental therapies to improve communication, enhance creative self-expression and optimize performance. In her downtime she loves to sing, dance, canoe and hike.    


B.A. Bachelor of Arts in Music and Linguistics, Smith College 1987

M.A. Master of Arts in Human Development, St. Mary's University 1999

Graduate coursework in Music Education (Orff, Kodaly, Dalcroze), Piano Pedagogy, Pre-and peri-natal Psychology and Health, Parent Education, Bodymind and Voice Choral/Vocal Pedagogy

Certifications and Training:

Esoteric Healing (Tibetan Qigong) 1992-1996

Various Early Childhood Music and Movement, Piano and Vocal programs 1993-2003

Neuro-developmental Movement

     Body-Mind Centering 1996-1997, BrainGym 1997-present, Vision Gym 2001, Touch for Health 2002-03, Masgutova Method 2003-2007,         Rhythmic Movement Training 2007-2011

Neuro-developmental Auditory

     The Tomatis Method 1996-1999, Hemisphere Specific Auditory Stimulation 1996-1999, The Listening Fitness Trainer 2003-2005,                     Johanssen Integrated Auditory Stimulation 2009, BioAcoustic 2009-2010, Sound Healing 2009-2011, The Listening Program 2012-2014,         Integrated Listening Systems 2013 

Neuro-developmental Vocal

     Lifetime Member of the VoiceCare Network, Co-author: Bodymind and Voice: Foundations for Voice Education, Restorative Breathing:         Level 1 and 2 2017-2018


Elizabeth Grambsch, M.A.

8941 Aztec Drive, Ste 2

Eden Prairie, MN  55347


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